Friday, September 23, 2016

Guess what?

I ate some more chocolate - summer varieties 2016 this time. Here is the outcome.

Buttermilch Zitrone: 6/10

This one's certainly flavoursome - in fact, a bit too much so for me. The lemon packs a punch and overwhelms the softer taste of the buttermilk, except for the fact that the whole combination is also a little bit too sweet. Recommended if you want to give your tastebuds a spring clean, or need waking up.

Brombeer Joghurt: 8/10

This is a much better balanced offering, though would have been better with dark chocolate. Crunchy, warm and comforting, it was quite a pleasure to munch. What exactly the crunchiness is supposed to represent is unclear, though it does add to the combination.

Eiscafé: 8/10

Another solid that tastes like a drink. Ritter's powers of chocolate-making now verge on the uncanny!

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

China chocolate

On the way to China I had to change at either Amsterdam or Frankfurt. I chose Frankfurt for the Ritter Sport Winter-Kreationen.

Vanilla Chai Latte: 7/10

This tastes... like a vanilla chai latte. That's actually a pretty impressive feat given that the drink is a drink and this is a solid. The particular chai-ness of chai lattes is in there. There's not much of vanilla in it, but then there isn't much in the drink, either. 7/10 as it's nice for a change but not my favourite beverage.

Nusskipferl: 6/10

A tasty, nutty, biscuity, slightly creamy combo that’s just right for a winter afternoon. I’m only giving it 6/10 because it’s not particularly distinct from a number of similar varieties I feel like I’ve tried over the last few years. Maybe that’s just me becoming jaded.

Sunday, June 28, 2015

Ritter Sport 2015

Some new flavours thanks to an invited talk in Frankfurt.

Strawberry & Mint: 7.5/10
This one presents a pleasantly stratified experience. The minty freshness hits you first, and the sweet strawberry notes come in later, so that as you suck down the last remnants you feel like you’re eating an entirely different Ritter Sport. The sharpness of the initial taste also helps to correct a flaw in the normal strawberry-flavour chocolate, which can be monotonously cloying. Not going to become a firm favourite, but certainly worth a munch.
Buttermilk & Lemon: 7/10
With a smooth, consistent tanginess, this too is nothing to write home about, but nevertheless a pleasure to suck on. Given that the original Lemon (which is one of my all-time least favourites, and which I haven't seen in a while) was so poor, I don't quite know how they could have got this so right, but the fact remains that they did. White chocolate worked just nicely here.

Monday, February 09, 2015

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  • "1900s" should read "1800s" or "19th century".
  • "Pfoste" should be "Pfosten".

Thursday, December 11, 2014


Trip to Vienna via Frankfurt, so I was able to get my hands on a new one. Couldn't find the winter varieties, though, sadly.

Edel-Bitter mit Edel-Kakao aus Ecuador: 7/10
This is the least Ritter-Sport-like Ritter Sport I've sampled thus far. After the mousse varieties with larger, squishier squares, this one has smaller, harder squares. As a result, and also because of the dark bitterness (at 73% it's much darker than the normal Ritter dark chocolate), it's a slow one to eat, and I savoured it over the space of more than 48 hours. This is in complete contrast to the vast majority of the varieties, where the challenge is really not to polish the whole thing off in one go. Actually a very pleasant experience, but only 7/10 because...  well... it's just not very Rittery.

Monday, October 13, 2014

Coffee & Hazelnuts

The title says it all. I have my estimable colleague Wendell Kimper to thank for this one.

Coffee & Hazelnuts: 9/10
As the first mouthful entered my mouth I knew what I was going to say about this one - or at least I thought I did. "The coffee flavour is too strong!" I'm not sure what happened next. Either the hazelnut came through, or, more likely, I realized that it the hazelnut had been there all along in a magnificent blend of chocolate, nut and coffee. After that? Well, my only complaint was that the experience went by too soon, and I really have no one to blame for that but myself.

I'll be passing through Germany on the way to Vienna this Christmas, so hopefully will get the chance to pick up some more. Frankfurt Hauptbahnhof had better be well stocked!

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Ritter Sport ratings 2014

Some more Ritter Sport. The first two I picked up and reviewed in Marburg at the DGfS conference but must not have got round to posting. The next two, Eiscafé and Chocolate Mousse, I picked up myself while passing through Munich on the way to and from Budapest for a conference. The last two were gifts from Tine Breban, who thoughtfully raided a petrol station to fuel my addiction.

Baiser Nuss: 8/10
These very fine, dry, crunchy nuts give one a taste experience akin to walking over gravel, with a warm autumnal aftertaste. Highly recommended.

À la Crema Catalana: 6/10
Not much of a likeness to the eponymous dessert (though there are hints). Again, rather yoghurty, with a strong and cloying aftertaste.

Eiscafé: 8/10
This experience is eerily reminiscent of the Continental caffeinated beverage with ice cream. That combination of warm and cold, in a chocolate bar? No way? Yes way, apparently.

Chocolate Mousse: 7/10
Ritter cleverly divided their square into 3x3 rather than 4x4 "für mehr Mousse-Genuss". That gives a nice squidgy bite to this one and to the below. Ultimately a bit bland, though.

Vanilla Mousse: 7/10
As above, really. Very creamy, lots of vanilla. Straightforward.

Caramel Orange: 9.5/10
Oh. Oh, my. I've carped on in the past about Ritter combining citrussy sharpness with much mellower tones, and this one really delivers the goods. The caramel is dreamy enough to float away on, while the orange delivers a sharp kick up the backside. My life is substantially better after having eaten this one. A rare Winter-Kreation, picked up out of season by Tine, for which I am eternally grateful.