Wednesday, July 22, 2020

Open letter to the ERC Scientific Council

This one's over on a letter about the ERC Scientific Council's weird decision to withdraw from Plan S.

The ERC and Plan S: an open letter

Sunday, March 22, 2020

New new Ritter Sport 2020

Some new flavours for the spring of 2020, just in time for social distancing.

“Marhaba” Joghurt Honig Nuss: 6/10
Yawn... The best thing about this one is its beautifully coloured packaging. The treat inside is fine, but just consists of existing Ritter ingredients thrown together, of which the yoghurt is not a favourite of mine and the honey is barely detectable. I’m not complaining, but neither has my world been rocked.

“Buenos Días” Weisse Mango Maracuja: 7.5/10
I’m generally a fan of the white plus citrus combos, and this one is no exception. It’s a bit less tart than many of this kind, a very rounded, thoroughly sweet experience, but still flavoursome enough to make one sit up and pay attention. More like this, please!

“Hula Hula” Kokoswaffel: 2/10
Nnnghh. My least favourite texture, waffle, combined with my least favourite flavour, coconut. I’m sure that “objectively” this one deserves a better grade, but I can’t bring myself to countenance it.

Wednesday, February 19, 2020

New Ritter Sport 2020

This post is a mix of some I tried earlier in 2019 and never got round to posting about, some newer ones (early 2020), and one accidental repeat. These aren't seasonal varieties - they're here to stay!

Die Feine (61%) aus Nicaragua: 7/10
Dry and somehow smoky. Certainly an interesting one to savour but unlikely to become a firm favourite of mine.

Die Milde (55%) aus Ghana: 8/10
A very nicely balanced combination of creaminess and potency that ends up silky smooth. Probably my favourite of the three overall.

Die Kräftige (74%) aus Peru: 6.5/10
For a strong one, this one doesn’t quite pack enough punch for my taste. Perhaps I’m being too picky - after all, I spent quite a lot of time eating Lindt 90% dark, and eating it very slowly indeed. Ritter will remain my guilty pleasure rather than my classy chocolate date, I think.

Cashew: 5/10
I love cashew nuts and I love Ritter Sport, so what went wrong here? Simple answer: they used salted cashews. WTAF? They don’t use salted almonds or hazelnuts. Anyway, as a result this one would be better labelled “Salt”. And the irony is that the combination of salt and chocolate is quite tasty, and if it were labelled as such it would get a much higher score, but I’ve kept it low because of screwing with my expectations.

Haferkeks + Joghurt: 7.5/10
A sort of inverted chocolate hobnob, this goes down nicely. I’m not usually a fan of the yoghurt flavouring, but in this combination it does work pretty well. (EDIT: I actually already did this one in Spring 2019. Oh well; at least it got basically the same rating.)

Mandel Orange: 7/10
Very nice, quite understated. The almond pieces are so tiny that they really only provide a slight crunch, but that combined with the dark chocolate and orange flavouring is quite seductive. I could see this one growing on me.