Wednesday, December 01, 2004

Seal the bulkheads!

This is how it works.

The four are split into three, which, being equal, regulate their respective realms with absolute cynicism. When circumstances require the intervention of a fifth, this will be occluded and diametrically opposed by the General Secretary. The latter's zone of control may not be broken, except under conditions such as those described above. Should this be the case, circumvention is generally the approved solution, although equal weight will often be given to dislocation when the appropriate precautionary measures are taken and the required forms are submitted to the office of the Prelate (4b) before the agreed period has elapsed. If this occurs before the expiration of the general consensus, consult your nearest chiropodist, or, if available, a qualified greengrocer. Proper and diligent application of these recommendations will safeguard your internal and external conditions as well as ensuring your continued fiscal stratification. Appropriate here is also a third-level allegorically oscillating subject from the beige sector, especially when the articulated permutations are proving to be particularly proactive.