Sunday, June 28, 2015

Ritter Sport 2015

Some new flavours thanks to an invited talk in Frankfurt.

Strawberry & Mint: 7.5/10
This one presents a pleasantly stratified experience. The minty freshness hits you first, and the sweet strawberry notes come in later, so that as you suck down the last remnants you feel like you’re eating an entirely different Ritter Sport. The sharpness of the initial taste also helps to correct a flaw in the normal strawberry-flavour chocolate, which can be monotonously cloying. Not going to become a firm favourite, but certainly worth a munch.
Buttermilk & Lemon: 7/10
With a smooth, consistent tanginess, this too is nothing to write home about, but nevertheless a pleasure to suck on. Given that the original Lemon (which is one of my all-time least favourites, and which I haven't seen in a while) was so poor, I don't quite know how they could have got this so right, but the fact remains that they did. White chocolate worked just nicely here.