Saturday, February 26, 2022

Ritter Sport ratings Spring 2022

You know the pandemic must be coming to an end when, after quite some time, Ritter release a brand new range of spring flavours!

Before you get too excited, we’ve seen one of them before. “Buenos Dias” Weisse Mango Maracuja showed up in Spring 2020, just after lockdown began, and got a respectable 7.5/10. The other two are new, though.

“Hi There” Salzkaramell: 8/10

Ritter jumps on the salted caramel bandwagon with this one, and can’t be faulted for its effort: crunchy, salty and tasty.

“Konnichiwa” Kirsch Mandel: 9/10

I’ve discoursed at length on my love for the citrus varieties with a crunchy element. What else is there to say? This one is sweet, sour, and beautifully textured, all at the same time. 9 rather than 10 for using almonds, which are not my favourite nut.

Vegan Pur: 7.5/10

A little crumblier than most Ritter Sport varieties, but that might even be an illusion - you’d be hard pressed to tell this one was vegan if you didn’t have it marked on the packaging. Funnily enough, this reminds me of the Russian chocolate that Dad used to bring back from his trips abroad.