Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Chocoholics anonymous

Went to Norway this month. Went on the train via Germany, just so I could get some Ritter Sport on the way. What?

Kakaosplitter: 9/10

This one tastes like crushed-up cocoa beans in chocolate cream encased in chocolate, and indeed it's hard to imagine how that combination could fail. This is an energy-granting variety, which wasn't particularly advantageous for me given that all I had to do that day was sit on trains for 9 hours - but in addition it really lifted my spirits. A lovely balance of smooth and slightly crunchy, one of this year's spring varieties.

Amarena Kirsch: 8/10

Not bad at all. Very fruity, but not overpowering, either in terms of the fruit or the modest liqueur content. Perhaps a little overly sweet, and - as with many varieties - this might have been overcome with the use of dark chocolate. But all in all this was a very enjoyable eat. A summer variety.

Bourbon Vanille: 5/10

Here you could barely taste anything except the vanilla-flavoured yoghurty goo. Not offensively bad, just boring and ill-judged. A spring variety that won't compensate for the April showers.