Thursday, July 25, 2019

What's on George's bookshelf?

Having previously had fun with Mensa menus, I used the same methodology on the list of book titles to be found in my office. My research profile gives some indication of what to expect, and textgenrnn did not disappoint. Here are some of its plausible offerings:

Historical language change
The prose of the English phrase
A dictionary of complementation
Usage and context and syntax in dialect
English texts in English syntax
A dictionary of German linguistics
Syntax and the second language
The book of morphosyntactic finites
The beginning of English
Word order and comparative clauses in the English language
French accent in the Netherlands 1999
Germanische Grammatik
Old English phonologicalization

Of course it didn't get everything right:

Langenschrosy: a modision of complemanish
Historical languages verolant, II: Simpler Saga
Negation and the history of der Verbman of English language
Prose and a compronigonal comparative linguistics
The seastion of the Sprachwisch Strong Edenisher, I: Canbity 2001
Deutsche Sprachgeschichte III: Slaut-Proto-Germanic und a historical linguistic variation
Deutsches Sprachwisspecticalization
The and language productivity: a comparative linguistic comparation
The Bitcher of English attornal and what are theory case of index of syntax
Zis Grammatistics
Dialectologynical linguistics
Pissictional linguistics: a dictionary of the English language clause of the English
Cancelled to Prose Germanic Fellectoon
Historicle and the builds of proon on the history of English

And in some instances I would totally buy the book. Or maybe even write it.

Berk's Simpler English language
The strut of linguistic change
Fruits and the laws of the English structure in Middle English language
Word order and the history of the Endlands of English syntax
Syntax is the best century in the English vocabulary, I: a history of the English language clauses
A history of the English vocabulary, I: Old Old English
A dill of linguistics
The east of linguistic sociolinguistics
Der Saga des Urgermanische Sociolings
syntax on the syntax: a syntax of the English language
The grammar of linguistic cocainers: a comparative place in order and the history of English
Handwood: a syntax of linguistics

Once again, hat tip to, whose idea I've basically stolen here.