Friday, November 18, 2022

Konstanz Working Cafés #8: Stadtkind

Today’s instalment deals with the sweet little Stadtkind. This is a café I’ve spent quite some time in over the years, so I feel bad about giving it the rating I do below – but in short it’s just not that well suited to working in, however nice it may be in other respects.


  • Nice location. It’s not as central as some of the other places on the list, but still easily reachable: 10 minutes on foot from the centre, maybe 15 minutes from the station, and it’s on the 9A bus route. It’s in a pleasant old building (see picture) opposite the Ellenrieder school, in a posh, leafy part of town.
Café Stadtkind front
  • Great, healthy, reasonably-priced food. This ratatouille with pasta in a jar at €6.90 was tasty. They also have homemade cakes and local ice cream for the sweet tooth.
Photo of ratatouille with pasta and bread, next to a coffee

  • No wifi. Le sigh. Mobile data is also ropey here.
  • Always full (or close to it). The place is popular and small, so you’d be a dick to sit there for hours while working on a laptop, even if you get a table.
  • Twee vibes. It’s cosy and all, but it feels like it’s run by your favourite garrulous, eco-friendly maternal aunt whose favourite pastimes are cross-stitching and flower-pressing. YMMV.
  • Coffee style is not my jam. At least, the most recent one I had was on the bitter side, and a bit groundsy. They do nice cappuccinos though, and always provide a tiny biscuit, which is a hallmark of class.
Price of a regular black coffee: €3.10.

Overall rating: ☕️☕️ (2/5), maybe even a bit less, for working purposes. For a chilled-out lunch with a friend it would score much higher, though.

Sunday, November 13, 2022

Konstanz Working Cafés #7: Seegold

This one is new to me! Thanks to HK for the tip. Café Seegold is a small-to-medium-sized place near the Swiss border. I’ve been here twice now, and will definitely be back!


  • Really good coffee: to my taste, at least. Below is a coffee here, complete with tiny biscuit.
Coffee with biscuit and spoon on wooden table
  • Really good food: here’s a picture of a Mediterranean-style platter you can get here. Caveats: they don’t have a broad savoury selection, and the kitchen is closed on Sundays.
Photo of platter with ham, olives, cheese, bread, and suchlike.
  • Quiet: there never seem to be many people here, which is ideal for working. (Though they also have a rack with toys and classic board games like Ticket to Ride, if that’s more your thing.)
  • Wifi: it exists and it mostly functions. ‘Nuff said.
  • Minimalist feel: while a lot of Konstanz cafés lean into the baroque and/or the twee, this place is clean, modern and sparsely decorated (see picture). It also has solid tables you can sit at for working. Haven’t spotted any power sockets yet, but maybe there are some somewhere.
Photo of bar at Seegold with a spartan feel; large house plant on the right.

  • Minimalist feel: not everyone loves this.
  • A bit out of the way: for me, at least, it’s not exactly on the beaten track. But it’s only about 15 minutes’ walk from the station and town centre. Top tip for the Swiss of Kreuzlingen, though!
  • Not open on Mondays.
Price of a regular black coffee: €2.80, which is fairly middle-of-the-road for Konstanz cafés.

Overall rating: ☕️☕️☕️☕️☕️ (5/5). Actually pretty much bang on a 4.5, but there are no half emojis.