Sunday, August 26, 2012

More chocolate

Greetings (and ratings) from Stuttgart, where everything is closed on Sundays. (Ah, Catholic Europe, how I love thee.)

Waldbeer Joghurt: 7/10

A tasty treat, though very sweet and rather gooey. This variety certainly succeeds in bringing out the distinctive sharp taste of the berries - it's a bit like a Fruits-of-the-Forest cheesecake encased in milk chocolate. Only a slight yoghurty clogginess detracts from it.

Napolitaner Waffel: 4/10

Though wafers and Ritter Sport milk chocolate are good on their own, I don't think the combination quite succeeds. Wafers are at their best when dry and crispy, which the very creamy chocolate coating prevents. The result is a bit soggy and nondescript, though by no means unpleasant.