Wednesday, October 21, 2020

Winter is coming

Three new Ritter Sport flavours! Two of them are old favourites: Spekulatius (mmm) and Gebrannte Mandel, both of which have been consistent winter features since 2017. I sampled all of them (you know, just to check whether standards were being upheld...) but the most interesting for present purposes is the new kid on the block, Kokosmakrone (coconut macaroon).

Kokosmakrone: 7/10

Anyone who knows me will know that coconut is something I don't like. So I don't know whether it's a change in me, or an inexplicable surfeit of goodwill, but I enjoyed this one surprisingly much. It's got that crunchy macaroon texture that helps to offset just how cloying coconut tends to be, and none of the mushy coconut texture. I wouldn't mind seeing this one again in future winters (perhaps as opposed to Gebrannte Mandel, which I could take or leave).