Sunday, March 22, 2020

New new Ritter Sport 2020

Some new flavours for the spring of 2020, just in time for social distancing.

“Marhaba” Joghurt Honig Nuss: 6/10
Yawn... The best thing about this one is its beautifully coloured packaging. The treat inside is fine, but just consists of existing Ritter ingredients thrown together, of which the yoghurt is not a favourite of mine and the honey is barely detectable. I’m not complaining, but neither has my world been rocked.

“Buenos Días” Weisse Mango Maracuja: 7.5/10
I’m generally a fan of the white plus citrus combos, and this one is no exception. It’s a bit less tart than many of this kind, a very rounded, thoroughly sweet experience, but still flavoursome enough to make one sit up and pay attention. More like this, please!

“Hula Hula” Kokoswaffel: 2/10
Nnnghh. My least favourite texture, waffle, combined with my least favourite flavour, coconut. I’m sure that “objectively” this one deserves a better grade, but I can’t bring myself to countenance it.