Tuesday, December 15, 2015

China chocolate

On the way to China I had to change at either Amsterdam or Frankfurt. I chose Frankfurt for the Ritter Sport Winter-Kreationen.

Vanilla Chai Latte: 7/10

This tastes... like a vanilla chai latte. That's actually a pretty impressive feat given that the drink is a drink and this is a solid. The particular chai-ness of chai lattes is in there. There's not much of vanilla in it, but then there isn't much in the drink, either. 7/10 as it's nice for a change but not my favourite beverage.

Nusskipferl: 6/10

A tasty, nutty, biscuity, slightly creamy combo that’s just right for a winter afternoon. I’m only giving it 6/10 because it’s not particularly distinct from a number of similar varieties I feel like I’ve tried over the last few years. Maybe that’s just me becoming jaded.