Thursday, July 14, 2005

I should really eat my hat

Well, wow. I don't want to risk this blog turning into an intelligent commentary, but just look at this.

I have to say that I had absolutely no idea about all of this when I wrote my previous post, and it makes me feel all warm inside to know that I correctly predicted a random controversy (well, sort of).

Are vitamin supplements dangerous? Read this article.

So: yes, they probably are. Pity really that this is an EU directive and that I am therefore fundamentally opposed to it. Maybe the EU will ban all cars that aren't on a list of 112 positive cars. That would increase my respect for those damn pen-pushing money-laundering bureaucratic culture-crushing jet-setting whiskey-drinking suit-wearing bastards in Brussels, or Strasbourg, or wherever the hell they are these days (on holiday in Tuscany, most likely). Damn them all to hell.

Whatever happened to that sweet but oh-so-random story I started? Replaced by *gasp* current affairs. How the mighty have fallen. I'm really hungry but it's only 11.45.

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