Monday, September 19, 2022

Konstanz Working Cafés #1: Pano

This new irregular series looks at cafés in Konstanz where you can go and work. Since it’s hard to find the perfect place here, I hope this information will help others.

Pano is a big place in the centre of town, so a good place to start.


  • Great location: 3 minutes’ walk from the central bus stop and train station.
  • It’s big: finding a seat there won’t be a problem.
  • Coffees there are also big (see picture).
  • The vibe is nice and Olde Worlde (see picture).
  • Sometimes sparrows get into the building, which is cute, and then you get to watch the staff trying to chase them out, which is funny.
  • There is a variety of seating options, from comfy sofas to long tables to high stools.
  • There is pretty much always a massive queue to order anything, regardless of what time of day it is or how many people are there. Not for people in a hurry.
  • Relatedly, the system for ordering is incredibly stressful and intimidating. Everyone queues together, then you order food (if you want any; but you have to queue for it regardless), and then you go to the till and also order drinks, then wait to pick everything up. There are sometimes some other counters open, but I don’t know what they do, and I’m not about to queue for 20 minutes to get shouted at for being in the wrong place (and, yes, this is Germany, so they won’t hold back).
  • There’s no guest wifi, though this isn’t the end of the world here, as a variety of free networks are just about close enough to be connected to.
  • Depending on the time of day, the place may be full of absolute wankers drinking bubbly.
I haven’t listed the coffee here as either an advantage or a disadvantage, since it seems fine, but nothing to write home about.

Overall rating: ☕️☕️☕️ (3/5)

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