Friday, June 24, 2005

It's another blog post

Can't be arsed to continue the story tonight. It's too late, and I'll need my sleep - at 5.15am the day after tomorrow I'm heading off on a coach to Germany with the Earnest crew.

Midsummer Night's Dream (the Clare May Week show, which I'm stage-managing) is amazing. We had to do it in Clare Cellars instead of in the gardens today because it rained, but the audience still loved it. Yesterday we did it outside in glorious sunshine and had an audience of over 120.

Haven't done any Spanish since my last blog post. I've been too busy with the aforementioned shows. My nose has given up the fight and is now periodically erupting with fountains of blood. Can't wait to get out of the country and find somewhere where the pollen isn't so damned nasty.

I wish I'd gone to the May Ball now. British Sea Power played it.

So, my next post will be some time after I get back from Deutschland (see what I did there? I put Germany in German. Clever, aren't I?). Somewhere across the river, a random orchestra is playing the Star Wars theme music. Getting to sleep might prove a more arduous task than I had predicted. GW signing off. Peace, y'all.

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