Friday, June 17, 2005

Spanish and Earnest

"Y'all right, Mr Beaver?" enquired another robot, poking its head round one of the doors of the burrowlike house.

"Never better, Mrs Beaver," the first robot responded. "We've got a guest."

"Great," Mrs Beaver replied sarcastically. "Well, I hope he likes unleaded." She then glanced at Sam. "Oh! It's an organic! Shall I eliminate him?"

"No, no," said Mr Beaver wearily. "He just wants to stay in here until the storm is over."

"Seems reasonable," said Mrs Beaver, regarding them dubiously. "Well, the TV aerial must have been knocked, as I can't get any reception. Shall we play a card game, then? How about knockout whist?"

So the three of them sat around playing whist for hours until a peaceful silence from above indicated that the storm had passed. Then Sam said a warm goodbye to the two robots and continued on his way, further into the forest.

Hello! Wow, a week since my last post. I'd love to say it was because I've been working hard, but it just wouldn't be true. I've had oodles and oodles of free time. I haven't been wasting it, though; I've been learning Spanish, or trying to. Now you'd think that at this point I'd post a facetious/smartass comment in Spanish, but I'm not going to, because my Spanish isn't good enough for that.

We had our first touring performance of The Importance Of Being Earnest yesterday at a little primary school in Hardwick. They had quite a nice lighting setup, and it was a pity that it hadn't been used for a while - it was really far more than a primary school hall needed. The show went well, although someone decided to restart it after the interval while the tech crew and half the audience were still out getting ice creams, which was rather confusing. In the end they stopped it and restarted it again. Embarrassing. It went down well with the audience, though.

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Alastair G Mailer said...

A performance with character is definately a good thing :P