Friday, October 06, 2023

Konstanz Working Cafés #12: Café Arôme

A hidden gem this week.

  • Concealed location. Although it’s central, you have to go through an unprepossessing parfumerie, down into a dungeon, and out the other side in order to find it. This makes it unlikely that it’ll ever be too crowded.
  • Open on Mondays. Many cafés aren’t.
  • Great cake. The Google reviews for this place rave about the cake, and boy, they weren’t wrong.
  • Lovely garden. The café opens out onto a peaceful, pleasant courtyard garden where you can sit. The inside part of the café is also nice, with bookshelves and art.
Said lovely garden.

  • No wifi. Par for the course but, still, sigh.
  • No savoury food. (But you could just have more cake.)
  • Okay coffee. It’s not bad, but there are better ones around.
Price of a regular black coffee (here “Café Schümli”): €3.20

Overall rating: ☕️☕️☕️ (3/5).

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