Monday, September 25, 2023

Konstanz Working Cafés #11: No. 11

Not a typo; it seemed appropriate to deal with the famous No. 11 at this point in the series.


  • Fantastic coffee. This is pretty much indisputably the most hipster place in town. You can get a delicious filter coffee here with your choice of bean (they usually have a darker one and a fruitier one on offer). Ideal if your taste in coffee is like mine.
  • Great location. Central and near the cathedral, with seats outside in good weather.
  • Nice sweets. Not many places in Konstanz do a pastel de nata. The banana bread is good too.
  • Good music choices.
Quaint on the outside, hipster on the inside

  • Small and popular. A lot of the time it just feels wrong to sit here taking up a table with a computer. (And the tables are so tiny that either your coffee or your computer is going to be on your lap.)
  • Expensive. You pay through the nose for the advantages above.
  • No savoury food. Not even a crumb.
  • No wifi. Not only that, but even the 4G signal here is pretty ropey; one of the disadvantages of an old building in a maze of streets.
Price of a regular black coffee (Americano): €3.80

Overall, it’s a great place to take visiting hipster friends, but not ideal for working. Rating: ☕️☕️☕️ (3/5).

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